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What Are Runescape Bots?

RuneScape Bots are programs that either directly alter the runescape game client or, through reflection or color-tracking, automate the behaviors of players in order to achieve certain tasks. One runescape bot, for example, might wander a certain area, searching for enemies within a certain level or type to fight.

Decently made bots will intelligently respond to your character’s needs for food and to the anti-randoms that have been placed in the game. Although many players strictly use RuneScape bots in order to cheat at the game, there are other uses for them as well, and the process of creating them is very educational for those seeking to learn programming. In any case, RuneScape Bots have a long tradition that traces its origins to within the first few months of the release of Jagex’s first RuneScape, now known as RuneScape Classic. As a result, in learning about RuneScape Bots and Cheats, you are joining in a a small, but incredibly rewarding, community that spans multiple generations of aspiring programmers.

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