Simba – The Open Source Runescape Cheat Program

If you’ve been in the Runescape cheating scene a while, you’ll definitely know about SCAR. SCAR has had a long run as an easily scriptable program that has let thousands of Runescape players automate tasks in-game.

While more ‘sophisticated’ bots have arrived since SCAR’s hay day, none have remained useful for so long as most modern bots break every time Jagex updates the Runescape client. However, SCAR remains to this day a closed source program, and in the world of Runescape cheats maintainers of such programs need to be ever-present to keep up with changes to Runescape that may limit SCAR’s functionality.

The short-term solution to this problem lay with the SRL team, who wrote and maintained an impressive library of Runescape-specific functions. Simba, however, is the next progression from the days of SCAR.

I highly recommend you join the SRL forums (home of Simba and the SRL include) and download Simba. Simba, like SCAR, is unique in that you can see exactly what is going on in the scripts you run. Several Runescape Bots have been accused of stealing your password, however with Simba, you can look directly at the code to make sure there are no external call-backs within the script.

Happy Cheating

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